Press release 03/2018

April 24, 2018


News for the tenth edition of the Rally de Asturias Histórico

The Rally de Asturias Histórico arrives this year to a very special edition. The Asturian event is ten years old and for this reason Pravia Autocompetición and Club Siero Clásicos have prepared numerous novelties in terms of their route and their locations.

The event will begin on May 22 and 23 with the option to face administrative checks prior to the shakedown that will take place on the morning of Thursday, May 24 between Aguilar Beach (Muros del Nalón) and the town of El Pito (Cudillero), a special of 2.23 kilometers where the FIA ​​and RFEDA teams that register in the shakedown will test their vehicles for the rally. Throughout the afternoon, the Institute of Secondary Education of Pravia will be the scene of the technical verifications, while the Municipal Library will re-host the administrative verifications.

The teams registered in the 10th Rally de Asturias Histórico will face the chronometer along eleven sections that total a total of 134.30 kilometers. Pravia and its bordering councils will be the nerve center of the event throughout the week, with the Port of Cudillero as an assistance park and the sections being developed by the councils of Pravia, Cudillero, Salas and Soto del Barco.

The route of the Rally de Asturias Histórico will have three new sections, repeating only the specials of "Pravia" and "Prada", the latter changes its name and will be renamed "Salas". On the afternoon of Friday, the first stage of the rally, four special stages will be held, double pass to "Cudillero" and "Hotel Rey Silo". Previously, at 14:30 hours, the teams will start from the podium towards the first service park.

Throughout Saturday, the sections of "Salas" and "Soto del Barco" will also be repeated twice, while the "Pravia" special will have three passes. The arrival of the first participant in the final closed park is scheduled for 6:15 p.m., and at 9:00 p.m., the champagne ceremony and trophy ceremony will be held at the Sabino Moutas Park of Pravia.


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